27 abr. 2011

Kate's dress: when Prince William and Kate Middleton marry on April 29, there can only be one dress.

All eyes will be on Kate's wedding dress as she walks down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, as a symbol of her personality, and her style. 
Westminster Abbey is a vast building and she will look like a tiny speck unless she wears something with some length in a train, or volume.
She's got a very difficult balance to strike between wearing something that people think is worthy of the future queen, but also not overdoing it.
Any designer that Kate decides to wear from here on in will turn to fashion gold, selling out worldwide.
Kate will favor British designers. This will be phenomenal for British designers and the British fashion.

13 abr. 2011

Mango hires Kate Moss.

They  said that its just a collaboration  for Autumn - Winter. This way Mango reinforces its strategy to position the brand, associating it with important international Celebrities.

8 abr. 2011

Shakira and Gabriel Garcia Marquez in Mexico.

It is a pleasure to share this picture we love Shak and Gabo. She looks great. PURE ART ¡¡

6 abr. 2011

Mar Saura, awesome in the closure of Malaga Film Festival

Before beginning the closing ceremony of the Malaga Film Festival, hundreds of people crowded the entrance to the Hotel AC Málaga Palacio and the theater to see the figures go through the red carpet at the festival.

1 abr. 2011

Camila and Letizia two different styles.

Two styles and two genarations conditioned by  "protocol" requirements.
Camila, short heels, long skirts and long sleeves. Only showing her  shoulders.
Letizia, more youthful and slender, with  shorter skirt and high heels that beautifully define her legs.