27 oct. 2011

Anastacia joins Dreamland School

The internationally renowned singer, Anastacia, arrives in Madrid to be part of Dreamland School. We know that the series takes months and is currently preparing to begin filming. With talents at international level between its cast. Anastacia become actress for the first time and gave the kick-off to the project. 
Anastacia sang songs written and performed by the actors of the project. Anastacia has one of the most characteristic voices music scene. Her voice of "dramatic soprano" with great force and a vocal range are her hallmarks, unique and recognized worldwide, so it is also known as "The Queen of the Sprock" and "the voice". But this time we will discover different artistic aspects of the singer who will surprise us.

During her stay in Madrid, Anastacia has been with the guys who are part of the project and said she feels very privileged to be in such an ambitious project and sharing the stage with a new generation of talents. According to the singer's actual words: "It's an honor for me to share as much energy to achieve a dream. It is a very big and innovative project. It's wonderful for me to be part of it." Soon the release date will be announced.
The casting was really hard to get a group of boys and girls showing their talent in a drama series, produced by Frank Ariza. "The artist is born, the success you make it". In Dreamland School we don't seek just people with exceptional skills in music, dance or performance. To be accepted you need a special gift, that something that makes an artist . We'll take care of the rest ...
The shooting took place at the Calderón Theatre, at the stage of the play: "The Hole".

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